Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Final 10 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1-31-08

here's the background: the las vegas document class shot the fremont street district january 31, 2008 as a class project. everyone looked, explored and made images. the first part of the assignment was to email their strongest photo of the shoot to me for posting on the blog. next each photographer had a week to edit, retouch and choose the 10 strongest images. the class looked at each of these 10 images and voted on the best shot from each student. the class voted again, and this was the hardest part, to bring the 19 images down to the final 10, which you can view below. we hope you enjoy the best of our images. look for the las vegas document book to be published in summer 2008, copies can be ordered from this website. check back often

ingo markmann

haoyuan ren

elizabeth aralica

jennifer noud

haoyuan ren

kelly fitzpatrick

linda alterwitz

norm blinder

nabila khanam

jenn maupin

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