Friday, March 28, 2008

Las Vegas Art the Final 10

Kelly Fitzpatrick

Jenn Maupin

Sid Goldstein

Kelly Fitzpatrick

Jenn Maupin

Nabila Khanam

Haoyuan Ren

Norm Blinder

Liz Aralica

Cameron Empey

Sunday, March 16, 2008

LV Art

I had this great idea to explore art around Las Vegas. Many people think LV is artless. Well we found everywhere you look you see art. From the strip to the back walls around town. Explore our finds.

Heather Protz
Some of us stopped by first friday down by the Arts Factory.
Don't step on Oscar

Kelly Fitzpatrick, first friday people watching performance art

Linda Alterwitz
Found in a parking garage

Found on the strip

Sid Goldstein
Caesars Fish

Savannah Ekada
ceasars forum shops

Elizabeth Aralica
Town Square, South Las Vegas Blvd. across from Fry's...

Lance Jensen
Down by the Arts Factory, Main and Charleston, Invoke by mark jenkins

Jenn Maupin

Jenn Noud
Fountain, Green Valley Library, Sunset and Green Valley Parkway

Nabila Khanam
A is 4 Art, West Sahara Library/LVAM, 9600 West Sahara Ave

Norm Blinder
Cell towers as art, YES...

Cameron Empey
This shot was taken in Henderson about a mile away from Water St.

Tammy Russell-Rice

Wayne Minert
These planes are the gate gardians (planes on the pylons) out at Nellis

Todd Miller
Found stencil art, down in the arts district

Thursday, March 6, 2008